Lifetime Crafted

Every piece is crafted by Italian hands using the finest raw materials sourced in Italy. Every creation — bags, backpacks, weekender/duffels, bracelets — are made in the old way, using solid metal hardware and finished one stitch at a time.

Stitch By Stitch

Each piece is finished one stitch at a time by a single master craftsman. After the leather is planed and cut a stitching awl is used to make lock stitches. A lock stitch is created by pushing the needle through the leather, the extra thread from the first stitch is then threaded through the loops of successive stitches. When done by hand the stitching process is much more precise than done by machine.

Each thread includes micro-titanium wire ensuring a lifetime of strength and durability.

Fine Jewelry Hardare

Made in Arezzo, Italy

Precious Metals

All True Gen hardware is created as solid metals, never plated.

We take pride in every detail using exclusively solid brass, sterling silver and 18k gold. Italian craftsman use the finest raw materials available throughout Italy to cast our pieces as well as create our custom rose gold blend. Each piece is created and finished by hand at the same small shop that creates fine jewelry for some of the most famous jewelers today located in Arezzo, Italy the Goldsmithing Capital of the World.

Each piece is guaranteed for life and becomes more beautiful with each generation.

The custom "Duck Bill" is featured on all True Gen pieces. All precious metals are stamped per Italian jewelry standard. "750" for 18k gold. "925" for sterling silver.

Special edition bracelets feature a choice of hand-set brilliant white or champagne diamonds. Diamonds are placed one by one in solid 18k yellow or rose gold in channel setting.

Italian sterling silver screws are used to secure silver plates on special edition leather bags. All screws are finished like fine jewelry and individually stamped "925"

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