You're Invited.

Prima scleta leather — the top tier — is not for sale. It is allocated by invitation only and only if you’re part of The Society. There is no application form. You must be invited.

Of course the big companies — Hermès, Chanel, Bottega, Venetta — they’re invited. They would control the luxury leather hide supply if they could. Except The Society looks after The True Gen — because we do things the right way. We cherry-pick the rare prima scelta leather hides right along side the luxury titans. Then, for everyone else, they just have the second or third grade leftovers.

An Insider's View

Our leather hides come from the top Tuscan tanneries who are members of Il Consorzio — the genuine Italian vegetable-tanned leather consortium. They are located in the the area between Pisa and Florence in what’s known as the Tuscan Leather District.

Each hide is one-of-a-kind just like you. With each new day leather becomes part of you — sharing your experiences — and you become part of it.


The True Gen standards require the natural features of the leather — its fine lines, veins, and pores — to show through. This is known as "transparency." The more "transparent" a leather is, the more it improves with time. Vegetable-tanned leather is a living material — it evolves, becomes supple and acquires a more beautiful patina over time.

Italian Leather

Made in the Old Way


Traditional Tuscan Vacchetta leather is a sign of distinction. It is the luxury of a hand-crafted production. Master craftsman, repositories of centuries of experience follow with care and passion the slow process of turning raw hides into leather. Vegetable-Tanning in Tuscany is an extraordinary process performed by the skilled hands of master tanners. The exact mix of vegetable tannins, pure Tuscan water and the maturity that comes with time.


Widely present in the vegetable kingdom and well known for their antioxidant properties, tannins are used in cosmetics, herbal therapy, oenology. Their first and most traditional use, dating back to prehistoric times, is in leather tanning.

For Tuscan vegetable-tanning, extracts from chestnut, mimosa and quebracho trees are primarily used. Chestnut tannin is extracted from the trunk of the chestnut tree and is particularly suitable to tan The True Gen leather because it produces a complex yet flexible material with good water resistance.

Mimosa extract gives rose tone to leather and its frequently used in combination with other leather extracts such as quebracho. Quebracho extract is a first-class ingredient because of its color and its naturalness. Quebracho vegetable-tanning transmits warmth, fragrance, softness and resistance.

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