Genuine Italian Linen

The True Gen leather goods feature linen sourced exclusively from Busatti in Anghiari, Italy. One works with Busatti not for Busatti and it’s by invitation only.

Busatti’s roots run deep in Italy’s history with a tradition that exclusively uses natural fibers and weaves inspired by the heart and soul of the Renaissance and its rustic traditions, and mixes them with a vast range of organic colors.

Weavers in Tuscany

Since 1842

Traditional Weaving

The manufacturing of the wool is still made with the carding and spinning machines built just after World War I, as well as the shuttle looms that were made from Italian companies. These machines are still precise and functioning well even though they were manufactured between 1878 and 1960.

The Busatti approach to weaving is very tried and true and is based on two threads interlacing perpendicular: warp which determines the width of the fabric and weft. On shuttle looms, the spool passes back and forth on the warp, defining the design as it goes. The Jacquard looms produce complex patterns through punch cards. All stages of Busatti production occur in Italy, from dying, to spinning, to weaving, to finishing.

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